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About Us



Attention To Details

We believe that fashion can be a medium of self expression, confidence and self love. Everyone deserves self love! We believe the best parts of fashion, and what makes fashion complete, lie in the small details. In life, relationships, experiences, and art, we dedicate much of our time to smaller details, which many times surmount to defining outcomes. And so with fashion, we believe the same. It is the details that make our outfits complete. 

Our Customers

At Earrings Spot it is our mission to provide affordable fashion earrings that will complete just about any of your fashion looks. From your special occasions to your day to day events, we have a pair of earrings waiting for you! We value the freedom of our customers. We value the diversity of our customers and most importantly we value the perspectives of our customers.Our customers represent people of all colors, sizes, beliefs, values, genders, and walks of life; It is what makes the fashion and creative community great : “our influence over one another.”   

Who We Are

Earrings Spot is a women owned, black owned business. Our vision is to provide the most trendy earrings and inspire black women and girls all around the world to become creators of their own stories. To support one another. To become bosses of their own lives and to embrace the details that lie in the journey we call life.

Our efforts start with highlighting other women owned businesses on our #GetInspired page but it doesn't end there. Earrings Spot partners with nonprofits that aim to support women entrepreneurs and also publishes monthly blogs on tips to help women entrepreneurs get started. 



It is said that fashion always repeats itself. The Vintage Collection is inspired by unique earrings styles such as 'drop earrings' that were popular in the 70s - 90s. Featuring bright colors, gold metals, structure and texture, the vintage collection carries what we like to call the show stoppers of our earrings. 


 The Glam Collection is inspired by diamonds, pearls, crystals and stones.
Get all glammed up without having to break the bank. The beautiful earrings in this collection are the perfect earrings for any special occasion. 


“Hoops are like the denim of accessories.” The Hoop Collection is inspired by the everyday girl. These hoops range in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. In this collection you will see hoop styles from the 90s, 2000s, and now. Hoops are the most popular earring to date and can be styled with almost any look.