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You must have heard it countless times, "Fashion is a form of Self Expression". This blogger shares all her fashion, beauty, health and travel tips in aim to inspire us all to express ourselves through the things we love. At just 23, this aspiring fashion styler and blogger has created a platform to engage with other women who share similar passions.

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We connected with Vvintage to find out more about her blog and why she started it! 

What does your business sell/offer?

Vvintagewardrobe is an outlet I use to express myself through fashion and lifestyle. My blog offers inspiration to those finding and developing their personal style, travel tips/inspiration, and health/fitness. Although passionate about all these things my main love has always been fashion. I offer fashion consultation and personal shopping services. 

Why did you start your business/site?

I started my blog as an creative outlet to express myself.

 How did you start your business?

For the last 2 years, I expressed to my close friends that I wanted to start a blog. The actual idea of starting it somewhat scared me because I was not ready to put myself out there like that. Honestly, I was in my own way. Needless to say, one day I just started it. Simple, right ? Not completely. I started off writing down in a journal what exactly I wanted my blog to look like and focus on. It’s important to keep your ideas in writing. I also sought out inspiration from other bloggers. Next, I met with a web designer and expressed what exactly I was looking for. I gave myself a deadline on when I wanted everything to roll out by. Finally, Vvintagewardrobe was birthed. During the process of starting any kind of business or venture I believe it’s important to be transparent with yourself, create goals, deadlines, and have accountability. 

What is the biggest advice you will give to other young women looking to start a brand/business of her own? 

The biggest advice I will give young women looking to start their own business/brand is to go for it. We tend to be our own worst enemies with self doubt. You will never know if something is meant to be until you start it. In addition, understand that your business/brand may blow up in a couple of weeks, months or years but remain consistent and stay true to yourself. Don’t give up. 

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